Choose from our complete line of professional foggers to add the most reliable fogging equipment to your operation.

B&G and Curtis Dyna-Fog’s family of foggers have been trusted globally for years, focusing on user-friendly innovation and options for every application need. Through continuous improvement and innovation, our foggers continue to raise the bar for efficacy in disinfection, pest control, and flying insect control. 

Available Foggers: Thermal & ULV

No matter the application or chemical formulation needed, our wide selection of fogging equipment caters to all sectors. With both thermal and ULV fogging options, you are sure to find a reliable high-performance handheld, backpack, or truck-mounted fogging machine to optimize your operation.. 

What Applications are B&G’s Family of Foggers used for?

B&G’s family of foggers are the premier choice for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for applications in pest control, janitorial, disinfection, and lawn & garden programs. 


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