Choose from a selection of B&G Termite Control equipment and termite sprayers to provide your operation with the tools necessary to service wall voids, sub-slab voids under concrete, termite galleries within joists, rafters, and much more. 

Termite Monitoring & Control Equipment:

Our line of termite control products allows your team to effectively monitor, treat, and prevent termite damage from spreading to larger areas. When precision is needed, B&G Equipment is there to equip your team with the right tools at the right time. 

  • Termite Monitors
  • Termite Sprayers
  • Wood Treatment System Foam Sprayers
  • Termite kits for rodding and broadcast treatments.
  • Termite Plug & Seals

Prevent severe infestations from arising at residential and commercial properties with the help of our trusted B&G Termite Monitors. Strategically place termite monitors to accurately detect when action needs to be taken. Equip your team with industry’s leading termite detection tools.

Quickly and precisely spread termiticides into wooden wall voids, soil, and concrete sub-slab voids with the help our B&G Wood Treatment System  foam sprayer. Outfit your foam sprayer with the appropriate valve and stainless steel pipe to treat termites with confidence. Handle any rodding or trenching application with the 3 versions of the 5-in-1 termite tip kit.

Effectively plug and seal termiticide injections with the help our Trebor Triple Seal plugs. Dependable for years of service, each seal will quickly plug holes in concrete, stone, terrazzo, tile, and many other materials.  

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