Dust and Granule Applicators

Dust and Granule Applicators

B&G Dusters deliver precision, durability, and consistency when applying insecticides and granular baits.

Our dusters sport superior dust delivery and the ability to apply fine granular baits, which many competing dusters cannot match. Choose from a line of dependable dusters and accessory parts to level up your operation. 

Out-Perform Your Competition with Our Dusters

B&G offers a versatile line of dusters and dusting equipment designed for use in commercial and residential environments where dust or granules are the preferred formulations for control. Equip your team with our reliable hand Bulb Dusters for accuracy in tight nooks and crevices, while taking on large target areas with an Electric Duster

What are B&G Dusters Best Used For?

B&G Dusters are best used in the pest control and vector control industries for the application of pesticides and insecticides. Some duster models can also be used for the application of not just dust applications but for granular baits treatments when needed. 

B&G dusters are ideal for the treatment of the following pests: 

  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Stinging insects such as wasps
  • Biting insects such as fleas & ants



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