Mini-Pro 8HP


Designed with the pro in mind, the Mini-Pro is engineered to dispense insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, and other chemical products effectively and efficiently. Featuring a formulation pump with adjustable output up to 3840 ml/min, this fogger is perfectly capable of managing most heavy-duty jobs. The Mini-Pro is ideal for warehouses, factories, campgrounds, schools, shopping centers, and other large spaces.

  • Simple to operate, set up, and store
  • 360-degree adjustable nozzle system
  • Corrosion- and UV-resistant formulation tank
  • Gasoline-powered engine

High power with maximum efficiency. Simple to operate, set up, transport, and store. The Mini-Pro 8HP dispenses fungicides, insecticides, germicides, disinfectants, odor control, and other chemical products. Engineered and developed with the professional in mind, it’s ideal for cattle barns, food processing plants, warehouses, barracks, shopping ventures, schools, restaurants, apartment buildings, grain mills, factories, and more.