Insect Monitoring and Baiting

Insect Monitoring and Baiting

B&G offers a wide range of insect monitoring and control tools ideal for integrated pest management programs.

At B&G we look to equip pest control professionals with a range of tools and equipment necessary to complete any residential or commercial job. Our insect monitors can be used to determine a control solution and to see if control efforts have been successful. The multi-dose bait gun ensures the right amount of cockroach and ant gel bait is precisely placed at each application - minimizing waste and overapplication. 

Why Trust B&G Insect Monitors & Traps

B&G incorporates the innovative process of applying a layer of attractant before the glue is applied. Insect monitors allow your operation to quickly detect and capture crawling insects such as cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, centipedes, spiders, and much more. 

Insect Baiting Equipment: Bait Guns with Pinpoint Accuracy 

B&G bait guns are adjustable to release the right amount of bait without waste. With durable construction and accessories for efficient unloading, B&G bait guns will remain in your arsenal for years of reliable service. 

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