Hurricane ES


The Hurricane ES uses electrostatic technology to charge each droplet, providing uniform coverage on the entire target surface every time. This point-and-spray directional fogger is ideal for dispensing water-based products in commercial and residential areas, including hotels, schools, greenhouses, warehouses and medical facilities.

  • Electrostatic technology
  • 10-50 micron particle size
  • Precision flow rate and droplet control
  • Water-based formulations
  • 1-gallon tank capacity

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Disinfection: use for indoor and outdoor critical surfaces, semi-open surfaces and enclosed spaces.


  • Electrostatic charging system
  • Grounded handle
  • Use with water-based formulations
  • Precision flow rate and droplet control
  • Adjustable knob for directional control
  • Metering valve to adjust particle size 10-50 micron
  • Three chemical-resistant nozzles
  • Double vortex nozzle technology
  • 1-gallon tank capacity
SYSTEM Hand-carry
TANK SIZE 1-gal tank
WEIGHT 8 lbs (empty)
ADJUSTABLE FLOW RATES 0–6.6 oz/min, 3 gal/hr
DROPLET SIZE 10–50 microns, droplet throw 15 ft
COVERAGE 60–80 sq ft
ELECTROSTATIC THRESHOLD DISTANCE 12–18 in from front of the fogger
MODEL # 3001-5 110/120 volt AC, 6.8 amps, 50/60 hz
MODEL # 3001-6 220/240 volt AC, 3.4 amps, 50/60 hz
FORMULATION COMPATIBILITY Water-based formulations
DIMENSIONS H 16 in / W 10 in / L 9 in