Plastic Sprayers

Plastic Sprayers

Choose from our complete line of professional plastic sprayers to add the most reliable plastic spray equipment to your operation. Our Plastic Sprayer Tanks are manufactured from heavy-duty, poly-molded, thick-wall polyethylene material, designed for durability and chemical resistance. 

Plastic Sprayers: Precise. Powerful. Proven

B&G Plastic Pump Sprayers provide professionals with a necessary alternative to metal spray tanks. Not only are plastic spray tanks an economical choice, they also provide efficiency and durability when working with harsh chemical formulations.  

Why Choose a Poly-Molded Plastic Spray Tank?

For the professional working with several different acid-based formulations, it can be extremely beneficial to invest in an acid-resistant plastic spray tank.  This is especially true for professionals in industries where it is common to interchange chemical formulations frequently and efficiently.  

With a wide selection of B&G plastic sprayers, professionals no longer have to sacrifice reliability, durability, and accuracy when choosing a plastic sprayer. Elevate your operation with our B&G plastic sprayers. 

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