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For over 70 years, B&G Equipment has supplied the professional sectors with the most reliable sprayers, foggers, dusters, and foamers. Setting the standard for quality and durability, B&G has expanded into a complete line of pest control, vector control, industrial, and disinfection equipment.

B&G designs and manufactures equipment based on in-depth knowledge of the pest control industry worldwide. The world famous B&G tank sprayers have the highest quality stainless steel combined with special grade brass, and chemical-resistant gaskets and hoses to provide durable and dependable service. They are the first choice of professionals throughout the pest control industry, with models to suit every application need.

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Choose from a selection of B&G aerosol sprayers designed to apply ultra-fine consistent droplets to ensure efficient and accurate delivery. 


Choose from our complete line of professional foggers to add the most reliable fogging equipment to your operation.


The iconic B&G Equipment sprayer is widely known in the pest control, sanitation, lawn & garden, landscape, and agricultural sectors as the most reliable spest control sprayer and manufacturer of sprayers and spray equipment.


Choose from B&G’s line of professional foamers to equip your operation with the most reliable foaming equipment.

Dust and Granule Applicators

B&G Dusters deliver precision, durability, and consistency when applying insecticides and granular baits.

Insect Monitoring and Baiting

B&G offers a wide range of insect monitoring and control tools ideal for integrated pest management programs.

Rodent Stations

Choose from a selection of B&G rodent stations, including options designed for mouse and rat mitigation. 


Choose from a selection of B&G Termite Control equipment and termite sprayers to provide your operation with the tools necessary to service wall voids, sub-slab voids under concrete, termite galleries within joists, rafters, and much more. …

Parts and Accessories

Choose from a complete line of parts and accessories designed to enhance your B&G Equipment sprayers, foamers, foggers, dusters, rodent stations, and much more!

Carrying Cases

Choose from a selection of B&G service cases, equipped to holster your sprayers, dusters, and other accessory equipment. Increase your operations efficiency with a portable case designed to fit into any service vehicle.