Ultra-Lite 2400


The Ultra-Lite 2400 is a heavy-duty ULV fogger used worldwide for flying insect control. Its low-profile design is equally helpful for commercial and residential jobs, making servicing crawl spaces and attics a whole lot easier. The Ultra-Lite 2400 is useful for deploying disinfectants, deodorizers and other chemicals.

  • Variable delivery from ULV droplets to power mist
  • Adjustable flow rate up to 2.5 oz/min
  • Available in 110V and 220V models

The Ultra-Lite 2400 is ideal for industrial and Jannirotial-Sanitation applications for its compact size, stability, and the 1.5 gal. tank capacity. The handle and tank are designed with a one-piece construction and the unit is rotation-molded for maximum strength. The droplet size available with the 2400 model extends from a power-mist (56 micron droplets) to ULV (20-35 micron droplets). The output and droplet size of this model can be easily selected with the adjustment knob on the nozzle. The 2400 is individually built and tested for performance.

TANK SIZE 1.5-gal tank
ADJUSTABLE FLOW RATES 0–9.4 oz/min, 0–4.4 gal/hr
DROPLET SIZE ULV (20–35 microns) to power mist (56 microns)
COVERAGE 40 sq ft at high application setting
FORMULATION COMPATIBILITY Water- and oil-based formulations with low to moderate viscosity
WEIGHT 9 lbs (empty)
DIMENSIONS H 12 in /W 8.5 in / L 15 in