The iconic B&G Equipment sprayer is widely known in the pest control, sanitation, lawn & garden, landscape, and agricultural sectors as the most reliable spest control sprayer and manufacturer of sprayers and spray equipment.

Since 1949, B&G sprayers have become the first choice for professional pest control equipment, setting the standard for quality and durability. No matter the application, our chemical sprayers deliver consistency across the board. 

What started with the iconic Primeline Sprayer (commonly known in the pest control industry as ‘The B&G sprayer’) has expanded into a complete line of pest control, vector control, industrial, and disinfection equipment. Choose from a wide variety of multi-functional plastic sprayers to our metal sprayers.

What sets B&G Equipment apart from our competition is the fact that all B&G sprayers are entirely field-repairable. This allows you to quickly troubleshoot, fix or replace parts, and get back to work. 



Sprayer Tanks & Accessories: Plastic & Metal Sprayer Equipment

Created from a need for better spray equipment, B&G offers both plastic and metal tank sprayers. You can count on B&G to equip professionals with a complete line of sprayer accessories that are dependable, easy to repair, and versatile. This allows professionals to select the ideal sprayer and spray equipment for the application and formulation needed: 

What applications are B&G sprayers used for?

The B&G sprayer is widely used for small quantity liquid applications. Professionals in various industries trust our sprayers to make precise chemical applications. B&G sprayers are commonly used with insecticides, herbicides, disinfectants, sanitizers, and industrial chemicals.

What Industries are our pest control sprayers commonly used in?

Born from expert engineers with a passion for craftsmanship, B&G sprayers were originally designed and constructed to serve the pest control market. Known for their durability, B&G sprayers are used for chemical applications worldwide in the following industries: 

 What tank sizes are available for the B&G sprayers?  

B&G sprayer tanks vary in size depending on the model sprayer selected. We offer handheld sprayers such as the AccuSpray Elite outfitted with a reduced 1 L tank size for easy spot treatments. While sprayers such as the Primeline offer interchangeable tank sizes, ranging from ½ gal tanks up to a 3 gal tank capacity. This gives professionals a diverse range of usage for their spray equipment.

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