Wood Treatment System (WTS)


The B&G Wood Treatment System (WTS) produces 10-15 times the volume of liquid as compared to traditional foamers and 5 times more capacity as compared to typical fan sprayers. This ensures that the chemical formulation can penetrate deeper than other methods. This wood treatment system is capable of delivering both foam and liquid insecticides to penetrate the toughest surfaces.

  • Available as a 30-ft OR 50-ft hose option
  • 3-gal tank capacity
  • Pressure range 60-80 psi
  • Idea for pre-treatment of structural wood & sub-slab re-treatment

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The B&G Wood Treatment System is a heavy-duty delivery system based on a cart sprayer design. The WTS delivers consistent foam, as well as liquid insecticide from the same 3-gal tank. It has a 30-ft or 50 ft hose option, a powerful compressor, and an adjustable pressure regulator. The foamer can be used for pre-treatments (soil and wood) at construction sites, large crawlspaces, and for power cleaning and treating dumpsters for fly control.

Tank pressure can be adjusted to 80 psi to allow for power spraying framing timber or injecting liquid or foam into dimension lumber, or termite and carpenter ant galleries, and under concrete slabs for a standard or re-treatment for termites.

Standard & Delux Models: 

  • Standard Model Includes: 30’ of hose, single surface tip and wall void tip
  • Delux Model Includes: 50’ hose, cart handle extender, single 6” surface tip, wall void tip, dual 10” surface tip, and pressure injection tip


  • Foams & sprays insecticides
  • 3-gal tank capacity
  • 30 ft or 50 ft hose
  • Powerful compressor & pressure regulator
  • Optimal pressure range is 60-80 psi
  • Treat for termites, carpenter ants, flies, and more
  • Pre-treat structural wood
  • Sub-slab concrete re-treatment
  • Power clean & treat dumpsters