AccuSpray Elite


The AccuSpray Elite compact sprayer (16 oz) is a great tool for commercial or industrial applications and is a terrific complement to the standard B&G tank sprayer. Use the crack-and-crevice straw and/or fan spray tip to deliver product to sensitive spaces where precision application is needed.

  • 6-ft. coiled hose
  • Tank size: 16 oz. (0.5-L)
  • Compact and portable
  • Holster of high-grade nylon included

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The AccuSpray Elite is equipped with a high-efficiency pump capable of creating 35 psi in its half-liter stainless steel tank in just a few strokes and a nozzle with an adjustable fine-spray tip. The heavy-duty design featuring durable, Viton® components, and a protective case made of high-grade nylon make this sprayer capable of many years of reliable service.

There are several models available including models with the B&G 4 way tip, a crack & crevice straw only and a termite injection model that features a tip designed for direct injection into termite problem areas.


  • Comes with a carry pouch that attaches to your belt
  • Valve inserts into pouch for added convenience
  • Durable stainless-steel bottle and coiled hose
  • Brass Extenda-ban valve
  • Wide variety of spray tips including Termite injection tips