Primeline Sprayer Colored Tops


Are you ready to take your Primeline Stainless Steel Sprayer Series to the next level? We're excited to introduce a splash of color to your spraying game! Say goodbye to mundane black tops and bottoms and say hello to a world of possibilities.

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Boost Brand Visibility: Make a lasting impression with your clients by using sprayers in your company's distinct colors. Create a cohesive and memorable brand image that sets you apart from the competition.

Distinguish Your Formulations: Make formulation differentiation a breeze with our color-coded sprayers.  Identifying different solutions has never been more efficient.

Personalize Your Primeline: Make your sprayers truly your own by decking them out in your company's signature colors or proudly represent your favorite sports team. With top/bottom color combinations, the possibilities are endless.

Team Spirit and Support: Showcase your unwavering team spirit with sprayers donning your team's vibrant colors. Be the ultimate fan and let your colors fly!

Durability Meets Style: Our colored tops and bottoms are just as tough and rugged as the traditional black ones, so you don't have to compromise on quality for style.

Cause Awareness: Show your support for important causes by choosing sprayer colors that symbolize awareness. Choose our pink sprayers to support breast cancer awareness or go green to champion environmental initiatives. Your sprayer can be a symbol of your commitment to a better world.

Upgrade your Primeline Sprayer Series by adding personality into your spraying routine with B&G's Colored Tops & Bottoms. It's time to stand out, show support, and make every spray count!