Primeline Sprayer Colored Bottoms


Are you prepared to elevate your Primeline Stainless Steel Sprayer Series to a whole new level of distinction? We're thrilled to introduce a burst of color to enhance your spraying experience. Bid adieu to ordinary black bottoms and embark on a journey of endless opportunities.

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Enhance Your Brand's Presence: Leave an enduring mark on your clientele with sprayers adorned in your company's unique colors. Craft a unified and unforgettable brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Simplify Formulation Recognition: Effortlessly streamline the process of identifying various solutions with our ingenious color-coded sprayers. It has never been more efficient to differentiate between different formulations.

Customize Your Primeline: Truly make these sprayers your own by adorning them with your company's distinctive colors or proudly representing your favorite sports team. With the ability to mix and match top and bottom color combinations, the possibilities are boundless.

Unleash Your Team Spirit: Flaunt your unwavering team allegiance with sprayers sporting your team's dynamic colors. Become the ultimate fan and proudly showcase your colors.

Style Meets Durability: Our colorful tops and bottoms possess the same rugged endurance as the traditional black variants, ensuring that you don't have to compromise on quality to infuse your sprayers with style.

Advocate for Causes: Demonstrate your support for vital causes by selecting sprayer colors that symbolize awareness. Opt for our pink sprayers to champion breast cancer awareness or embrace green to advocate for environmental initiatives. Your sprayer can be a powerful symbol of your dedication to a better world.

Elevate your Primeline Sprayer Series by infusing character into your spraying regimen with B&G's Colored Bottoms. The time has come to stand out, express your support, and make every spray meaningful!