Versafoamer HH


The Versafoamer HH is the ideal handheld foamer for precision control in foam applications, making it an excellent option for professional pest control operations. The Versafoamer is efficient, easy to use, effortless to carry and features a 6-in. curved tip designed for treating voids behind walls and cabinets. This handheld foamer is a natural choice for termite, ant, flies, and other insect control. Optional drain tip can be used to apply microbial cleaner to floor drains when needed.

  • Easy to carry 1-gal tank (stainless steel)
  • Hand-pump foam pressurizer 
  • Great for wall voids and drains
  • Excellent for termites, ants or small flies

The Versafoamer HH is an efficient hand pressurized foamer based on B&G’s standard 1-gal tank. The XR-Value provides precision control and foam delivery time and time again. The 6-in. curved tip is designed to effortlessly treat voids behind walls and cabinets. The straightforward design of this handheld foamer system assures no adjustments are needed during foam applications, cutting down on wasted time. The lightweight construction of the VersaFoamer HH makes it the preferred foamer for commercial and residential accounts. The optional plastic drain tip extensions can be used for the application of Microfoam EF microbial cleaner for floor drain cleanings. The Versafoamer HH is compatible with replacement parts for the standard B&G 1-gal sprayer, creating a foamer that is dependable and serviceable.


  • Lightweight 1-gal stainless steel tank
  • Hand-pump foam pressurizer 
  • Generates 35-40 psi pressure
  • Features a 6-in. curved tip & XR valve system
  • No adjustments, makes great foam every time
  • Excellent for termites, ants or small flies
  • Great for wall voids and drains
  • Most parts interchangeable with standard B&G parts
  • Optional drain tip available separately