Choose from a wide selection of Ultra Low Volume Foggers to add the most reliable cold fogging equipment to your operation. Our B&G and Curtis Dyna-Fog family of ULV foggers provide professionals with the ability to cover wide areas with precise chemical applications. 

B&G’s Family of Products: Curtis Dyna-Fog ULV Foggers

For over 70 years B&G and Curtis Dyna-Fog have focused on bringing high-quality cold ULV fogging equipment to the industry. Equip your team with reliable cold fogging machines to take on any pest control, disinfection, and sanitation project with confidence. Our ULV foggers are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications making them a perfect fit for commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial sectors. 

Why Trust our ULV Foggers?

There is a reason our ULV foggers, such as the Flex-A-Lite 2600, are trusted worldwide. Our cold ULV fogging machines provide users with unmatched reliability, creating precision flow rates for uniform coverage time and time again.  

Our design and engineering staff prioritize user-friendly designs, creating foggers for all applications. From hand-held electric-powered machines, to gas-powered vehicle-mounted ULV sprayers, and even battery-operated vehicle mounted cold foggers. No matter what the project at hand, rest assured you can trust our ULV cold Fogging equipment. 

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