Aerosol Delivery Unit


The Aerosol Delivery Unit (ADU) is designed specifically for technicians to make quick and spill-free changes on site. The Aerosol Delivery Unit snaps on and off any aerosol can with no leaks and no special tools needed, saving time and materials. The ADU creates an ultra-fine consistent spray, ensuring efficient and accurate delivery.

  • Works with BASF products
  • Chemical-resistant seal
  • 6-ft coiled hose

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Aerosol application has been dramatically improved with the B&G Aerosol delivery Unit (ADU): it quickly attaches snaps on and off any aerosol can, with no leaks and nothing wasted, and no special tools are needed. The ADU saves, time, materials, and increases productivity.

It comes with a carry pouch that attaches to your belt, and the valve clips to the pouch. The ADU is specifically designed for Technicians to make a quick and spill-free change of aerosol cans on site or at the service vehicle. The on/off valve is secure and will not get in the way of application. Best of all, the B&G ADU is priced at 1/2 of the competition.

The Aerosol Delivery unit features chemical resistant seals, and there is no longer the necessity of changing seals frequently as with competitive units. B&G makes several different models to fit most Pesticide Aerosol Cans.


  • Works with *BASF™ products
  • Promotes professional image
  • Attaches to can top with no leakage
  • Easy to use on/off valve
  • 6-foot coiled hose
  • Sure-seal design

Please note: Due to a change in can design, our ADU will no longer work on CB Products made by FMC