Dyna-Fog Model 1200


The Dyna-Fog Model 1200 is capable of blanketing enormous spaces with dense, heavy fog that destroys insects and pests faster than competing equipment. Efficient and extremely quiet, no other machine is capable of delivering large volumes of fog at such low noise levels (70 decibels). Offering convenience and tremendous capacity–delivering 120 gallons an hour–the Dyna-Fog Model 1200 can cover 12 acres in just one minute.

  • Vehicle mountable for large area coverage
  • 120-gals per hour (454 L/hour)
  • Removable remote control box
  • Gasoline-powered engine

The model 1200’s tremendous capacity of 120 gallons (454 liters) per hour makes it capable of blanketing mammoth areas with dense heavy fog that destroys insects and pests in a fraction of the time required by other equipment.

Fully equipped with remote controls, it can be started, the fog can be regulated, and the machine can be shut off from the cab of the vehicle. An hour meter, a temperature gauge, two 120 volt AC receptacles, a heavy duty 12 volt DC battery and controllable output are all regular equipment on the l200. No other machine combines an extremely low noise level (less than 70 decibels) with such an enormous fog output. The 1200 runs much quieter than a typical thermal fogger or cold fogger.


  • Vehicle mountable ideal for large area coverage
  • Capable of covering 12 acres in one minute (49,000 sq. meters per minute)
  • 120-gals per hour (454 L/hour), faster coverage saves man hours & truck time.
  • Instant display hour meter & temperature meter.
  • Connects to a standard chemical drum
  • Removable remote control box features:
    • In-cab visual/operating capabilities
    • Remote start
    • Analog temperature gauge
    • Controllable output
    • Heating chamber On/Off
    • Fog On/Off
Engine Kohler 9.5 hp (277 cc), 4-cycle, OHV, electric start. Optional Honda 10.5 hp (344 cc), 4-cycle, OHV, or Yanmar diesel
Nozzles Adjustable high-volume output single nozzle, two 45 degree directional elbows with stainless steel clamps
Formulation Output  15-120 gal/hr (57- 454 liters/hr) covers 12 acres (5 hectares/min)
Pump Systems Positive displacement gear pump
Fuel Tank Size 5-qt tank (4.7 liters)
Formulation Tank Size 15-gal tank (56.8 liters)
Gauges & Meters Digital tachometer/Hourmeter for engine, pump control pressure gauge, 115V AC meter for generator, remote control Hourmeter/Temperature gauge
Dimensions H 32 in / W 35 in / L 79 in