Portable Aerosol System

Modern pest control often requires more than one application method such as delivering a residual liquid to harborages, and an aerosol to infest voids and enclosed spaces. This combination is effective for cockroaches in kitchens, bed bugs in hotels and dormitories, and carpenter ants in wall voids. Using a pin stream and an aerosol does not add any time to the job, and can be done at the handle of the B&G Portable Aerosol Unit. This is the ideal tool for integrating liquid and aerosol application with one tool and one operator. The entire system: tank, compressor, 12 ft. coiled hose, and the extension fit into a B&G Carry Case for a professional appearance and security.

The Portable Aerosol Unit (PAS) can be adjusted from a very fine ULV fog to a heavy mist to handle most applications.  Just introduced for 2009 is the Commercial Version which features a heavy duty fan cooled compressor unit along with a 15′ hose. 

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