Handheld and Electric Dusters

2250 Electric Granule and Dust Applicator. This versatile unit has a 2-stage motor, a 3 lb. capacity tank, a flexible hose and an extension to give 24 inches of directional treatment. Great for distributing dust over a large area. To view the operators manual click here.

1151-M Mini Dust-R. This small (14.5 in.) duster fits on any service vehicle, and will not leak dust or granules. The short-stroke delivery and the extensions for crack-and-crevice application make it the ideal duster for commercial and residential routes. The chamber holds about 1/2 lb. of dust or 7 oz of granules.

1152-A Hand Dust-R. This medium duster is a great addition to any service vehicle.  Holds 1.5 lbs of dust or granules and ideal for treating attics, crawl spaces or outdoor application.  Includes a wide variety of tips and extensions.

To learn more about our dusters watch the video.

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