Hurricane ES

Hurricane ES

Built for precision, the Hurricane ES uses electrostatic technology to charge each droplet, providing uniform coverage on indoor and outdoor critical and semi-open surfaces. Target handrails, doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces, as well as train stations and enclosed spaces with this point-and-spray directional fogger.

  • Hand-carry electrostatic ULV fogger with 1-gal tank
  • Delivers all water-based disinfectant formulations
  • Adjustable flow rates (0–6.6 oz/min), (3 gal/hr)
  • Droplet size 10–50 microns, droplet throw 15 ft
  • Coverage: 60–80 sq ft
  • Electrostatic threshold distance: 12–18 in from front of the fogger
  • Stainless steel metering valve for precision flow rate and droplet control

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June 9, 2020