Dyna-Jet L-30

Dyna Jet L-30

Cover more ground with the Dyna-Jet L-30 truck-mount ULV fogger. This powerful yet compact battery-operated cold fogger is perfect for airports, arenas and other large, highly populated indoor spaces. With a quiet battery, wide plume and accurate rotary atomizer, you can cover areas with small droplets that evaporate quickly for incredibly efficient disinfection.

  • Compact and lightweight (147 lbs) to mount on a truck or cart/ATV
  • Rotary atomizer produces consistently sized spray droplets
  • 15-gal formulation tank
  • High-volume blower 1,350 ft3/min
  • Features remote-controlled, tilting head to allow for multi-positioning
  • Flow rate up to 14 oz/min, swath distance (30 m)
  • 90% of droplets 20 microns or below, droplet throw 50 ft
  • Noise level 69 db at loudest point

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June 9, 2020