Specialty (Termite)Series 400 Termite Tools

Termite Tool Models are based on the valve (Versagun, Versatool, or Robco) and on the no-drip feature. A check-valve at the end of the 7/16 rods provides no-drip. These Models are 415, 425, and 435. The 410, 420, and 430 Models do not have the check valve. All Models come with a valve, a set of three stainless steel pipes (one 0.625″, and two 0.4375″), a Foot Ram for the 0.4375″ diameter pipe, and a Tip Kit (4 tips).

  • Features
  • Includes 4 precision delivery tips: 2 sub-slab tips, 1 straight tiip, 1 soil tip for 0.625 in pipe
  • Quick-change adapters on all pipes
  • Meet current labeling requirements of termiticides
  • Tip shut-off available on models 415, 425, 435
  • Nozzle flow calibrated at 20 psi
Use: Termite control
Commonly Sprayed Solutions: Termiticides


  • Pest Control

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