Versa Fogger

Portable and powerful, the Versa-Fogger is ideal for outdoor spaces ranging from large stadium applications and surfaces, down to those hard-to-reach spots. With mobility, range and precision, this backpack fogger fully covers every target.

  • Gasoline-powered backpack ULV fogger
  • Delivers both water- and oil-based disinfectant formulations
  • 4-stroke engine with low emissions and high performance
  • 1-gal pressurized formulation tank
  • Adjustable handheld nozzle (reduce flow rate to avoid wetting and runoff)
  • 4-ft hose provides point-and-spray capability
  • Droplet size: 33–40 microns (oil-based formulations provide 20 micron droplets) effective droplet throw 10–12 ft
  • Less than 26 lbs dry weight

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July 20, 2020

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