Tornado & Tornado Flex

Tornado Flex

The Tornado and Tornado Flex are built with a large 3-gallon tank for extended use. These hand-carry foggers are ideal for disinfection of large indoor surfaces—such as theater seats and commercial kitchens—without frequent refills. The Tornado Flex has an 18-inch hose for more directional application and precision.

  • Hand-carry electric ULV fogger
  • Delivers both water- and oil-based disinfectant formulations with moderate to high viscosity
  • Precision metering valve
  • Outputs from a mist of 5 gal/hr down to ULV range
  • Adjustable flow rates (2.4–11.4 oz/min), (1.1–5.3 gal/hr)
  • Droplet size 5–40 microns
  • 18-in hose extension of the nozzle for directed spraying (Tornado Flex)

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June 9, 2020

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