Pestpro IV Backpack

Built from the highest quality materials

PestPro IV Backpack

The all new Pestpro IV Backpack!  The exclusive drip free design eliminates the old problem with many backpack of dripping chemical on the operator when the pump begins to wear. In addition this backpack has an “easy” efficient pump which requires less pumps and effort to achieve your spraying pressure. It is built from the highest quality materials all the way down to the stainless steel frame and handle. It features a brass shut off and wand, heavy duty hose and a check valve at the tip to eliminate any dripping.. Either the pin-to-cone or 4-way Tips are available. The large opening in the top allows for easy filling and emptying, and the cap has a built-in gasket along with a strainer basket.

The 4 way tip model meets the labeling requirements of most insecticides and prevents over application; thereby saving you on the cost of wasted insecticides.


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