MicroFoam Professional

Designed with an extra foaming ingredient

MicroFoam Professional

This formulation is designed with an extra foaming ingredient for the ultimate fast clean and control. This concentrated microbial cleaner is an environmentally friendly drain and surface cleaner. The formulation includes a foaming agent for improved coverage and fast microbial action. Mixing at ½ to 1 oz. per quart of water will create a thick, microbe-rich foam in any hand-held or power foamer, such as the B&G Versafomer 4000 and the Versafoamer HH. This unique formulation of microbial cleaner can be used with insecticides and IGRs.

The microbes in the formulation remove the organic substrate that the larvae of many small flies, such as fruit flies and phorids, use for food. Removing this material from drains and other surfaces is an important part of a fly control program.

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