The Brand New ISOFOG

The newest fogger from B&G Equipment brings the power of ULV fogging to a battery powered handheld design.

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Features & Benefits


High Volume Air Technology

Patented design sheers droplets with air to produce an average of 50 micron particles.


No Drip Design

3-Stage trigger ensures motor continues to push air to eliminate liquid leak when treatment is starting and stopping.


Chemical Resistant Housing

Housing is designed for harsh chemicals making it capable of being used for pest treatments and disinfectants. Excellent for use with chlorines, peroxides and hydrocarbons.


Controlled Fog Plume

Controlled narrow plume for high accuracy targeted treatments ensuring reduced chemical waste and chemical contamination.


Removable-Rechargeable Battery

No extension cord needed.

Built for Pest Control and Disinfection

The new ISOFOG  handheld fogger is uniquely designed to handle diverse chemical ranges for water and oil-based formulations for pest control and disinfection. Our controlled fog plume allows you to get into specific areas and lay down chemicals with precision without contaminating a broader area.

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