IPM Case


Promote the professionalism of your company with the all new IPM kit from B&G.  It is available in kit form, including most items that you need, or you can purchase the case separately and create your own IPM Kit. If you have over 30 technicians we can even custom print the case with your logo for a small additional charge. This case is custom made for B&G and designed to meet the needs of the PMP and is water resistant to provide for easy cleaning.


This economical but durable case can be configured in many different ways.  From using aerosols, to AccuSprays to Dust Bulbs, it has locations for all of them.  Several different zip open pockets for bait products, literature and other IPM products.  Large area inside of case with removable dividers provides perfect storage for all your equipment or spare chemical.


Reinforced design can now be used with the AccuSpray Professional.

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