Cart Mounted Aerosol System

Dispenses sanitizers and disinfectants

Cart Mounted Aerosol

The Cart Mounted Portable Aerosol System is designed to dispense sanitizers and disinfectants over a broad range of applications including hospitals, schools, cruise ships, hotels and locker rooms. This unit is adjustable to give you a disinfectant spray from a heavy mist to a light fog. By treating the area with a fog type spray you can avoid any additional “wiping down” of the infected Area. Easy to use and saves on the cost of aerosol cans.

3 Gallon Stainless Tank for Extra Capacity
Disinfect and sanitizes more area in less time
Easy to use and clean
18″ Stainless Steel Wand and tip
15 ft Recoiling Hose
Available in 110V and 220V

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Cart Mounted Aerosol System Sales Sheet

Cart Mounted Aerosol System