Backpack Fogger

All new from B&G is the Versa-Fogger, the first true Gasoline Powered Backpack Fogger. Specially designed for Pest Control, this is not a mistblower but rather a back pack fogger able to provide a wide range of flow rates and particle sizes, that are perfect for most all Pest Control Applications. This was co-developed along with our sister Company, Curtis Dynafog, who is the expert in foggers for Vector and Insect Control. Some of the features include: Click here to download the Backyard Mosquito Control Technical Bulletin written by Bill Robinson.

* All metal frame
* Honda 4 Stroke motor – No mixing oil with gas
* True Compressor delivers air at high pressure
* Fully Adjustable Flow Rate
* Lightweight – Less than 27 lbs (dry weight)
* Quiet 4 Stroke Operation

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